US Soccer Mandate Information

The US Soccer Mandates on Age Group registration and small sided games will go into effect at tryouts in June, 2016 for the state of Michigan.  The powerpoint used to explain these changes by Technical Director, George Hageage, is linked below.

Summary of the presentation-

  • The small sided games changes reduce the field sizes and change the number of players on the field for ages U6-8 and change rules for U9-10.
  • The age group registration mandate aligns the US with the rest of the world.

As a club, we have done our due diligence and have discussed the changes with other clubs in Michigan and across the country as well as attended numerous meetings both within the state of Michigan and Nationally.  We feel confident that we have programs in place to help our players make the change as easy as possible.

  • Open practice.  All players are encouraged to attend their own teams practices and the team, based on birth year, they could play for next year.  This is a link to the excel spreadsheet for age group practices.  Once the website calendar has been updated, the link will go to the calendar.  ALL COACHING STAFF MEMBERS HAVE EMBRACED THIS AND WILL ENCOURAGE THEIR PLAYERS WHO MAY NEED TO MOVE UP AN AGE GROUP BASED ON BIRTH YEAR, TO GO TO THAT TEAMS PRACTICES DURING THE WINTER AND SPRING SEASON.  Example: The current U13 teams have players born in '03 and '02.  The players born in '02 will be encouraged to attend their U13 practice and, if possible, the '02 practices.
  • Club Pass: The coaches will be in constant contact to provide opportunities for players to club pass in order to play up with the higher age group team.  Example- On the current U13 team, the players born in 2002 may have the opportunity to dress and possibly play for the current U14 team (which is made up of 2002 and 2001 age groups).

George Hageage, powerpoint presentation    Questions at the presentation



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